As a company, Enigwatch has spent the preceding three decades perfecting its wares via meticulous planning, precise execution, the use of only the highest quality materials, and an exceptional eye for aesthetics. By combining robust safety measures with technical know-how and a splash of ingenuity, Enigwatch has developed an expertise in creating designs that will stand the test of time. 

Our goal is to help you reimagine your collections in a way that reflects your unique tastes and showcases your most treasured possessions. Whether you're looking for a fireproof safe or a simple jewelry box, Enigwatch has everything you need to breathe new life into your personal space and everyday routine.

We Thrive for Perfection

Enigwatch started expanding its watch winder safe product line. Providing customers with more designs and options. Enigwatch evolved into something more than just watch-winding safe boxes but also jewelry safes.

The Journey

Christopher Schmidt has been working as a yacht designer for 15 years in Cologne, Germany. After gaining years of experience in yacht design and experiencing the taste of luxury from designing yachts, Christopher decided to look for a new venture in creating bank safes.

Our mission is to always be a responsible, honest, and forward-thinking company that creates long-term value beyond business and empowers talents, partners, and communities we work with to build new and greater things every day. From luxury watch winders to high-end jewelry boxes, and safe boxes, Enigwatch takes pride in providing a new sense of well-being in your intimate personal space and daily life. Enigwatch is surely honored to become your reliable provider for your valuables.

Christopher Schmidt has always been sure of his purpose and goal. It is to create a safe haven for valuable collections to not only store and keep safe but also to display beautifully. He is a perfectionist as well as a visionary. Everyone has their own treasured collection that they would not leave laying around unprotected. This is why it is only logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality case, to have them safe for generations to come.

Our Partner


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