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Enigwatch® has spent the preceding three decades perfecting its wares via meticulous planning, precise execution, the use of only the highest quality materials, and an exceptional eye for aesthetics. By combining robust safety measures with technical know-how and a splash of ingenuity, Enigwatch has developed an expertise in creating designs that will stand the test of time. 

A watch winder is a device used to rotate automatic (or self-winding) watches when they are not in use to keep the watch running. A watch winder usually comes in the form of a box with a rotating watch holder.

Most automatic (or self-winding) watches stop running after 3 days if left unworn. Watch owners with more than 1 watch or who do not wear their watch daily may not be able to keep their automatic watches winded sufficiently by wearing them alone. If the watch is left dead for too long, the lubricant in-between the watch mechanism will coagulate and dry up, therefore damaging the watch. It is like not turning on your car’s engine for months. An automatic watch whose lubricant has coagulated and dried usually gives resistance when winded by hand, loses accuracy, and has a reduced power reserve. Another reason to use a watch winder is that an automatic watch with complications can take a lot of effort and time to recalibrate, therefore it is a good idea to keep it running.

Watches are held on a fully adjustable clip that has a leather covered soft pad and which slots into cups inset into the body of the winder. The cups are designed to always stop in the vertical position when stationary. Our watch winders are designed to fit all different sized watches.

Each winding box can be independently controlled using an integrated LCD panel where you can set the suitable setting required by your watches. The touchscreen LCD setting panels consist of some settings to control the brightness, the watch line you want to rotate, and the number of TPD (turns per day), up to its direction. It’s also the same place where you can turn on and turn off the winder easily. 

First of all, determine what watch capacity you need for your watch winder. Take into consideration of your plans to acquire additional watches shortly. Secondly, decide whether you want a watch winder with simple settings where you only choose the rotation direction or a more advanced watch winder with a customizable TPD (turns-per-day). In general, automatic watches that are valuable and luxurious should be wound with customizable TPD winders because you can set the TPD to the optimal winding specification to ensure that your automatic watch’s mechanism is in tip-top shape. 

Most of our watch winders can be powered by a hybrid of battery and DC adaptors. When the DC adaptor is plugged in, the power line from the battery compartment is cut-off, and only power from the DC adaptor is in use. When there is a power outage, the battery comes into play to ensure uninterrupted winding. Some models can only be powered by a DC adaptor.

An automatic (or self-winding) watch requires routine maintenance just like a car. A watch needs to be kept in motion in order to maintain health.

Automatic watch owners with many watches cannot wear all of their watches daily because most automatic watches stop working after a few days if left unused. Their watches won't be able to survive the damage as a result, raising the possibility of harm.

A watch will suffer damage if the lubricant in between the watch mechanism coagulates and dries up for an extended period of time. It is comparable to months going by without starting your car. When manually winding an automatic watch whose lubrication has coagulated and dried, there is typically resistance and the watch loses accuracy, and has a reduced power-reserve. Of course, another good reason to use an automatic watch winder is to be able to easily and quickly access your watch, without needing to recalibrate.

Your watches' health may be preserved with the greatest automatic watch winder. The best watch winders are what Enigwatch takes great satisfaction in creating for your unique collection. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance choosing the best watch winder for your priceless collection.

One of the most valuable possessions you have in your collection of watches. That being said, a watch winder box is a need for anyone who still wishes to add timepieces to their collection, trade watches, or keep them in the best condition possible. If a watch is not protected by an automated watch winder box, it may require services that are more expensive than buying a suitable watch case. Therefore, it is crucial to devote time and resources to reduce the possibility of any harm.

No, you don’t have to buy our watch winder. But, imagine this: You can display and secure your valuable timepieces (we know for sure they have sky-high prices) in a box made of sturdy wood, which safeguards your watches from being broken. 

The box features advanced technology in winding your automatic watches. We utilize the ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi rotor that smoothens the winding operation. Yes, it means no noise will come out because of this box and you can rest peacefully even if you place this winder near your bed. 

Giving you ease in operating it, the box is equipped with an integrated touchscreen setting panel, where you can control the brightness, the line of the watches placed inside, the turns per day, and up to its directions. What’s more? Some of our winders are equipped with a fingerprint lock system. This means it offers a high-security level that the box that stores your pricy watches are perfectly-secured. 

The cherry on top? All those advantages are packed in a solid box that is passionately designed, showcasing an exquisite and glamorous feel that is perfect to compliment your space. 

Storing your valuable watches in a box full of hi-tech advantages covered in a pleasing exterior would be a delightful gift you could ever give to your collections, don’t you think so?


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