Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Veron Elite 20 Watch Safe Box
Fingerprint™ System
360° Anti Magnetization
10dB Ultra-Quiet
UL® Listed Classified


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The Veron Elite™ is not just an ordinary safe box; it’s a pinnacle of edgy sophistication and futuristic technology. It redefines the way you store and displays your prized watch collection. Step into the realm of unparalleled luxury with this extraordinary masterpiece.

  • 3 Types of Storing - This extraordinary storage solution goes beyond conventional watch winders, offering three storage options: watch winders, drawers, and a spacious compartment.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship - Made with carbon alloy steel, a ten high-gloss paint finish, and decorated with microfiber leather. Its sturdy construction guarantees the safety and security of your precious things
  • Strong anti-theft performance - The panel's interior is a three-layer structure. Except for the lock bolt, the cabinet body and door panel adopt an embedded structure on the inner side of the chain so that the panel and the cabinet body are more firmly combined into a whole, and the anti-theft is stronger.
  • Safe and convenient touch electronic lock device - The corresponding voice prompts and the high-sensitivity touch-type lock device are according to different states. Additionally, the cabinet features a fingerprint-reading function to open the door.
  • Excellent fire performance - Products that have obtained KS (Korea) 1 hour, SP (Europe) 90 minutes and other worldwide fireproof certifications, at 1010 ° C, the temperature in the cabinet can be maintained below 150 ° C during one hour, (the paper will be carbonized when it is higher than 180 ° C) , in the actual situation. Four hours after the fire continued to burn, the interior of the filing cabinet was still intact.
  • Japanese Mabuchi® Rotors - At its core lies the cutting-edge Japanese Mabuchi rotor, a testament to precision engineering. This remarkable feature ensures an ultra-quiet operation, emitting only a mere 10 dB of sound.

It's the epitome of luxury and innovation, catering to the desires of watch enthusiasts and those who appreciate the beauty of fine craftsmanship. Embrace this hi-tech storage solution, and let your treasured watches shine in all their glory.

Color:Metallic Red


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The interior of the Veron Elite Box is designed to be flexible and functional. It has compartments for winding watches, a storage drawer, and a customizable space arena. Users can arrange the interior layout according to their preferences and easily store and organize their belongings.

  • Exterior Finish: Polish Stainless Steel handle + Low Carbon Alloy Steel Cabinet
  • Interior Finish: Microfiber Leather + High-gloss Paint + Fine Flannelette
  • Safety Lock: FingerPrint™, Numeric Password Generator, Personalized Key
  • Alarm: Dual System Alarm
  • Interior Ambient Lights: Yes
  • Rotor Control: 20 Operating Rotor Mode
  • Engine: Japanese Mabuchi® Rotors