Disadvantages of not having watch winder box for your watches (2023 Updated)

Disadvantages of not having watch winder box for your watches (2023 Updated)

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Automatic watches are watches that are very expensive, valuable and attractive. These watches have are a lot different and unique than other expensive watches. With such qualities, an automatic watch needs more attention and care than other watches due to the complex mechanical parts used in it. An automatic watch works by winding itself using a weight that oscillates for the random motion of the hand of the wearer, due to this motion the weight inside the watch puts tension on the mainspring. In other words, an automatic watch needs to be worn and it needs the motion to run, but what if you don’t wear the automatic watch regularly then how is it supposed to run? For such reasons a watch winder is used which keep the watch in a random motion allowing the watch to keep running and wind itself even when you are not wearing it. Still, you are not thinking of buying a watch winder? Well not having a watch winder when owning an automatic watch poses a lot of disadvantages and some of the most important ones are elaborately discussed in this article.

Your watch stops functioning

An automatic watch consists of many small mechanical parts that are very sensitive. If you have many watches and don’t wear them regularly the watches will stop functioning and would need to be winded manually if you don’t possess a watch winder.

You might damage your watch

Manually winding a watch on a constant basis may damage the small parts and mechanism. This is because a watch contains knob that is rotated in order to wind a watch manually but if you rapidly turn the knob, the mechanical parts will undergo a lot of stress hence will get damaged. Winding the watch manually needs to be precise and the rotation should not be more than what is needed if the watch is winded extensively there is a high chance that the watch will get damaged.

Lacking a precise winding process

An automatic watch is a very sensitive watch that needs a lot of care and if you use a watch winder the winding will easily be done without the requirements of turning the knob as a winder creates a virtual hand motion using a motor to wind the watch. This allows the mechanism to work the way it is designed to without any interference of any knobs.

Don’t lose your precious time

If you are in a hurry and you don’t use a watch winder, you would need to wind the watch manually to start it working again; this would take up your valuable time and would make you late. A watch winder will keep your watch ready for use on anytime you want whether it be after one day or even after a year, it will keep the watch up and running.

Mechanism of watch gets jammed

If an expensive watch such as an automatic watch is not worn for a long time, it will stop working as it needs to be winded. If the watch is kept un-winded for a long time the parts in the watch might become jammed as the lubricants of the parts are not distributed properly, hence the watch would stop working permanently. A watch winder keeps the watch in a continuous motion and keeps the mechanical parts running; as a result lubricant will be evenly and properly distributed throughout the mechanism.

Avoid any scratches or damages

A watch winder comes in a watch box that keeps the watch away from any damage or scratches. There is a serious risk of scratch if an expensive watch such as this is left with no protection or is kept in the cheap box. The watch box of a winder gives the watch ultra-protection against scratch and exterior damage. Hence not owning a watch winder also has serious security problems.

An expensive and luxurious watch like the automatic watch needs a lot of care and attention towards it and a watch winder will do all of it for you. To avoid such disadvantages and to keep your watch’s mechanism healthy and running there is no other way but to use a watch winder. At Time Tutelary, we provide the best watch winder for you and your valuable watch. It is our duty to keep your watch away from such disadvantages and make it last for a long time for you. It is us who you should look up to for getting high-quality watch winder.

Summary: If you lack a watch winder then you’re going to suffer from various disadvantages like damaging your automatic watch. So buy a superior watch winder from Enigwatch to avoid such disadvantages.


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