Luxury automatic watches in Enigwatch Apollo™ 12 safe box
Black Luxury Apollo™ 12 safe box with 12 watches capacity
Luxury Apollo™ 12 safe box with Multiple Unlocking Methods
Luxury Apollo™ 12 safe box with fingerprint locking system
Elegant exterior design of Apollo™ 12 watch safe
Luxury watches in Enigwatch Apollo™ 12 safe box in United States
Luxury Apollo™ 12 watch safe box Brown to store watches and money
Luxury Apollo™ 12 watch safe box, Brown with 12 Watches Capacity
Luxury Apollo™ 12 watch safe box Brown with Leather Exterior
Elegant exterior design of Apollo™ 12 watch safe, Brown exclusive and luxurious
Apollo Safe Box with fingerprint locking system
FingerPrint™ System
360° Anti Magnetization
10dB Ultra-Quiet
Leather Finish


Sale price $5,599

The real masterpiece of protection and cunning Its 12 beautiful spots make it the perfect place for your most valuable watches, giving them a safe haven. With its beautiful design and high-quality craftsmanship, this safe box epitomizes luxury and style. As an exclusive security master, it provides protection that can't be beaten. 

  • Exclusive Security Master - Experience unrivaled protection for your valuable timepieces. Engineered with strong power and high-strength defense, this safe ensures sturdy flood control and solid anti-drill capabilities. With its advanced technology, it offers a dual alarm function and allows access through a key or password.
  • Freedom to Control - The high-tech ability to save 1–6 passwords will amaze you. The safety lock's FingerPrint™ recognition, Numeric Password Generator, and Personalized Key are stunning. The Apollo 12 watch safe box is elegant and secure. 
  • Soundless Japanese Mabuchi Rotor - A masterpiece of tranquility. Its whisper-quiet engine will astound you. Equipped with the legendary Japanese Mabuchi® Rotors, operating at a mere 10 dB, it creates an ambiance of serenity. Impeccably crafted with high-quality materials.
  • Roomy, Classy - Its classic, elegant design exudes sophistication, while the luxurious leather interior finish adds a touch of refinement. Crafted with high-quality S400 steel plate, this masterpiece surpasses all expectations of luxury. 

With its advanced technology, it works without making a sound, keeping the peace in your surroundings. The Apollo offers you the highest luxury, innovation, and soundproofing. It is a true testament to its incredible beauty and unbreakable security.

    Audemars Piguet Richard Mille Patek Philippe Vacheron Constantin Rolex Omega Breitling Longines Tissot iwc hublot TAG Heuer Tudor Panera Cartier
    Color:Black Leather
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    Include 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    360° Product Test & Quality Inspection
    Shipment Protected by InsureShield™

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    The interior of the Apollo Safe Box is lined with soft, leather for a really luxurious feel.

    • Exterior Finish: MDF + Wood Grain Paper + Flannel + Leather
    • Interior Finish: Leather
    • Safety Lock: FingerPrint™, Numeric Password Generator, Personalized Key
    • Alarm: Dual System Alarm
    • Interior Ambient Lights: Yes
    • Rotor Control: 12 Operating Rotor Mode
    • Engine: Japanese Mabuchi® Rotors