Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Blue Sapphire Watch

Introducing the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Blue Sapphire Watch

Prepare yourself for an experience that goes well beyond ordinary admiration with Ronaldo's Brilliant Flying Tourbillon in blue sapphire, the very epitome of elegance and majesty.

Watch in awe as soccer icon and renowned collector of exquisite timepieces Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the newest addition to his remarkable collection. This time, he proudly displays a priceless timepiece that cost him $700,000. It is a Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon watch set with a brilliant blue sapphire.

Ronaldo, who has more Instagram followers than anyone else, has been using them to show off the watch's stunning aesthetic. Ronaldo, sipping his coffee as the world awoke, gave his fans a peek inside his luxurious watch collection.

The Brilliant Flying Tourbillon is a watch of exceptional beauty that goes above the norm thanks to the anti-reflective sapphire crystals that cover its front and back. The dial is a work of art in its own right, and it is embellished with a few carefully placed, magnificent baguette-cut stones. Ronaldo's own version stands out thanks to its eye-catching blue alligator strap.

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The “Heart of CR7 Baguette”

CR7 Jacob & Co Watch

Ronaldo, in his role as brand ambassador for Jacob & Co., has just released a collection of breathtaking timepieces that ooze unrivaled elegance and impeccable flair. Ronaldo made a great gesture by presenting his latest creation, the "Heart of CR7 Baguette," at the inauguration of Jacob & Co.'s largest store in Saudi Arabia. One of four brand-new timepieces that perfectly capture Ronaldo's dynamism, this one bears the soccer star's name.

Not only that, though. The stunning "Caviar Flying Tourbillon 'Tsavorites" is one of Ronaldo's prized possessions. Given Ronaldo's recent relocation to Saudi Arabia and his relationship with the illustrious soccer team Al Nassr, the stunning design gets its name from the magnificent green gemstones that embellish practically every surface.

Ronaldo and Jacob & Co. released two stunning watches last year: the rose gold "Flight of CR7" and the stainless steel "Heart of CR7." Both diamond and non-diamond limited editions of each timepiece are stunning. This watch ranges from $34,988 to $181,331. (Interestingly, Ronaldo's famous jersey number 7, which features on his apparel line, inspired the CR7 moniker.)

Cristiano Ronaldo met Jacob Arabo, the visionary founder of Jacob & Co., two decades ago. Their unexpected meeting led to a lasting friendship and successful business cooperation. Jacob & Co.'s famous watchmakers design watches that reflect great sports personalities as part of this exclusive cooperation.

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Inside the Blue Sapphires Jacob & Co. Watch that Cost $700,000 USD

Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Blue Sapphire

This collection is a showcase of contemporary elegance in the world of horology, created to celebrate and amplify the milestones in a woman's life. It fuses the worlds of high-end watchmaking and jewelry design in a way that's both graceful and precise.

Jacob & Co. has created the Brilliant line in response to the widespread expectation that women will wear reimagined versions of men's timepieces. It's a beautiful symphony of technical skill, designed to appeal to the refined tastes of ladies who value high-quality timepieces. These timepieces are a dazzling addition to the wrist; they are delicate but powerful.

Jacob & Co.'s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon collection not only reimagines what it means to be a woman in horology but also raises the bar for women who want more from their timepieces than just a pretty face. It's proof that they're dedicated to making watches that are elegant, refined, and of the highest quality possible.

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Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Movement

The tourbillon's single-axis, rotating cage that is precisely anchored from above and below mesmerizes since it was originally designed as a mechanism to improve the precision of mechanical pocket watches.

An elaborate flying tourbillon that incorporates the delicate balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel, and other key components is the watch's beating heart. This amazing work of art is a symphony of architectural complexity housed within an ornate open-worked cage.

This fascinating cage is locked from below only, unlike its forebears, so you can see every detail of its impeccable construction and smooth operation. The JCBM01a movement boasts an amazing 48 hours of timekeeping accuracy thanks to its constellation of finely finished components, which were painstakingly constructed and precisely fine-tuned.

Get ready to be transported to a fantastical realm where tradition and modernity coexist and where telling time becomes an art form in its own right. A 225-year-old creation is given fresh life and taken to new heights of beauty and sophistication by the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon.

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Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Gem-Setting

Jacob & Co. is unparalleled in the world of high and fine jewelry, as well as luxury timepieces. This prestigious label has earned the right to create high-end pieces of art that are sure to impress.

Relationships are prioritized, and access is strictly controlled in the diamond and gemstone industries. Jacob & Co. has succeeded in this very competitive environment by maintaining strong, long-standing relationships. These priceless connections open up unprecedented access to the world's most sought-after mines for precious gems and diamonds.

Creating clocks with gems, like the magnificent Brilliant Flying Tourbillon, requires a keen and discriminating eye. For months or even years, skilled gemologists and jewelers labor over the selection of stones that meet exacting standards for size, shape, color, clarity, and cut. In our quest for perfection, we spare no effort.

And because they work with the best gem setters in the business, Jacob & Co. has perfected the technique of stone setting. Their skill and attention to detail take the work to new heights, bringing out the best in every piece of jewelry.

Jacob & Co. is a shining example of excellence in the realm of remarkable jewelry and watches, with a history entwined with unrivaled craftsmanship and a firm dedication to exhibiting only the finest diamonds and gemstones.

Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Case and Crystal

Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Case and Crystal

This exquisite timepiece is hand-made to perfection, and it features a 47mm 18K white gold case that goes well beyond the appearance of opulence thanks to the mesmerizing attraction of its perfectly set baguette-cut precious stones.

As your eyes wander over the timepiece, take in the beautiful integration of form and function. Anti-reflective sapphire crystals light up the front and back of the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon, providing a clear look at the fascinating mechanisms inside.

You're about to see a concert of sophistication and originality that will blow your mind. The Brilliant Flying Tourbillon invites you to experience a trip in which the passage of time takes on a beauty and finesse that is truly unparalleled.

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Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Dial and Hands

A stunning array of baguette-cut precious stones are invisible-set around the dial of this amazing clock. This is no easy task and requires a high level of expertise and perseverance to complete. The invisible setting method expertly hides the metal prongs between the stones, giving the impression that they are floating in midair. Each stone looks colossal and has a mesmerizing effect on anyone who beholds it.

Experience the pinnacle of human ingenuity and skill, where the impossible becomes possible. You can't help but feel awed by the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon, a living monument to the never-ending quest for perfection.

Brilliant Flying Tourbillon At a Glance

  • Seamlessly combining High Watchmaking and High Jewelry
  • 47mm 18K white gold case
  • Flying tourbillon movement
  • 48-hour power reserve
  • Meticulously sourced precious stones, matched for cut, clarity, quality, and color.
  • Impeccable high-jewelry invisible-setting of the gemstones

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