For Beginners: The 5 Best First Luxury Watches, Plus How to Protect

For Beginners: The 5 Best First Luxury Watches, Plus How to Protect

Are you ready to buy your first watch? This article will teach you what to look for and how to care for it so that you can make the greatest investment possible!

The first watch most individuals buy is the least expensive one they find attractive. You don't need much guidance for a purchase like that; spend a few minutes on Amazon looking for a watch you like, and you'll be good to go.

But like with any other subject, the more you know about watches, the more you understand what to consider when purchasing a first timepiece. It's challenging enough to make a decision without adding other factors to the mix.

Learn about your options, where to buy your best first luxury watches, how much you can anticipate spending, and most importantly, how to maintain your investment with the aid of this article.

There is a great deal to learn, and much of it will be covered in this post. But seriously, keep things simple. Use what helps you and invest in the wristwatches that you find most appealing. 

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How Much Should You Pay?

Regarding watches, the $1,000–$2,000 price range marks the beginning of the "luxury" category. If taken care of properly, a look of this caliber should continue to tick far into the future. It's easy to make the case that this is a wise investment.

Upon receiving your first wristwatch, you may quickly become aware of its flaws. You'll better grasp your preferences and start craving new things. Only spend your little earnings on a wristwatch once you get this concept.

Many journalists and marketers consider a watch that costs hundreds of dollars to be "affordable," "cheap," or "entry-level," which can make a first-time buyer feel stupid.

That, of course, contrasts with the thousands of dollars that watches may cost. It's no secret that most watches for sale are priced far higher than most consumers are willing to pay for a timepiece.

A high price tag is optional for a quality timepiece. Money can be saved by opting for a battery-operated watch rather than a mechanical one. But the reality is that nobody understands better than you do how much of an investment a look should be.

The 5 Best First Luxury Watches to Buy

Seiko SRPB41

For watch enthusiasts, finding the best first luxury watches is challenging. But don't worry, Seiko knows how to fix it! In Seiko's Presage line, you can find some of the most beautiful watches with faces that cost less than $500.

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The Seiko SRPB41 is one of the most exciting watches in this collection. It is part of a line of watches based on cocktails, and the Blue Moon is the idea for this watch. The Seiko SRPB41 has a case width of 40.5 mm, which is big enough to get people's attention but small enough to fit easily on your wrist.

The fact that it can be used in water up to 50 meters adds charm and lets you wear it confidently in many different scenarios. The Blue Moon Seiko SRPB41 also has a beautiful blue design that makes the watch look fascinating. This watch has a magical feel that makes you think of the strange and beautiful night.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Are you curious about the rough side of the world of watches? The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is an excellent example of a field watch if that's the case. This watch can't be replaced because it has precise numbers and no date. The Khaki Field Mechanical is one of the best-known watches with a military theme, and it has its own charm that can't be missed.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is based on the watches the company makes for the US military. It makes an excellent choice for a rigid and flexible mechanical look because it is simple to read and resistant to water damage. The watch is not only strong, but it is also adjustable. You can get it with a white or black dial, strap, or band.

The Khaki Field Mechanical has a simple design that looks like the Hamilton watches soldiers wore in wars from World War II to Vietnam. This gives it an authentic military feel. It has a case size of 38 mm and can be submerged in water up to 50 meters deep.

Monta Atlas GMT

This watch is elegant and sporty, making it a beautiful piece. The case of the eye is made of smooth and brushed stainless steel, which makes it both professional and stylish. The use of high-quality materials for the crown, rotor, and logo buckle demonstrates its high quality.

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The striking black face gives the watch a high-end feel and adds to its charming look. The mixture of the black background made by the sun, the silver applications, and the bright red details are mesmerizing. With its Swiss Sellita SW300 movement, the Atlas GMT can keep track of time in two different time zones.

The watch also has a power backup of up to 42 hours and can withstand water up to 150 meters deep. With all its excellent features, this high-end watch costs about $1,850.

Longines Master Collection L29094786

The sapphire crystal of this watch protects it from damage. It has a textured dial with blued steel hands that glide magnificently over Arabic numerals.

The power can be reversed for up to 64 hours. Therefore, you must refrain from fretting about winding it over the weekend. The stainless steel band of this watch fastens securely around the wearer's wrist using a buckle.

These days, you can buy this watch for $1,650. Whatever the case may be, the Master Collection L29094786 is an essential accessory for the watch hunter on a budget.

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$675 $1,395
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Glashutte 738 Club Campus

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This watch offers substantial in-house calibers for a reasonable price, making it the best option. Therefore, it can be a great choice. The polished steel case measures 38.5 millimeters in diameter and retails for $1,650.

In addition, the Alpha caliber, which is well recognized as a manufacturer's hallmark, is included. Then, the hands-on mechanism reliably displays the hours, minutes, and seconds. It also has an enormous power reserve that will last for 43 hours.

How to Protect First Luxury Watches?

Getting your first high-end watch is a big deal; you'll want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to take care of and protect your luxury watch so that it stays in the best shape:

Use a Watch Winder: A watch winder is a helpful tool for maintaining your automatic watch. A watch winder will automatically wind your watch. For beginners, choose the Virtuoso™ 2 pc to ensure it keeps running even when unused.

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Dimensions: L. 13.8 x W. 11.8 x H. 12.6 inch
Weight: 5.35 kg/11.7 lbs
Power Supply: 5V3A

Avoid Extreme Exposure: Avoid being in the water, heat, or bright sunlight for long periods. Even if your watch is waterproof, don't wear it when swimming or bathing in the ocean. Also, keep it away from sweltering temperatures or strong sunlight.

Regular Maintenance: Make sure that your watch gets regular cleaning. Have a professional check and clean your eye to ensure all its parts work well and the face stays shiny.

If you take good care of it, your first expensive watch will always be prized and look great. A watch winder is a good purchase if you want to keep your eye running well and keep it safe to stay valuable over time.


For watch fans, getting their first expensive watch is an adventure they'll never forget. Everything has been looked at to help you make the right choice, from the best options to how to protect them. When you put on your first luxury watch from a carefully chosen list of the best, you'll feel a touch of luxury and class that can't be found anywhere else.

But if you decide to buy an expensive watch, you should also think about how to protect your valuable investment. Watch winders are the best thing for your eye. With a watch winder, you can be sure your first luxury watch will always look great and be ready to go with you on life's most important occasions.

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