Karim Benzema Watches: From Football to Luxury Timepieces

Karim Benzema Watches: From Football to Luxury Timepieces

Unveiling the Secret Behind the Wrist: Dive into Karim Benzema's world off the pitch and discover a watch collection that rivals his football accolades. You won't believe what he wears!

One of Real Madrid's top players, Karim Benzema, has officially left the team. At 21, Benzema was brought to Madrid from Lyon during the summer of 2009. Karim Benzema quickly established himself as a dependable Los Blancos front-line member.

Benzema recorded 353 goals and 165 assists in 647 games with Real Madrid in all competitions. Benzema also has a total of 24 championship victories. Benzema has received major individual honors throughout his stay at Real Madrid, including the Ballon d'Or and UEFA Player of the Year 2022.

Karim loves football, but it turns out that the Algerian attacker has interests outside of sports as well. Like other soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Kamrim Banzema enjoys collecting supercars and expensive watches in his leisure time, as seen on his Instagram page.

You may read about some of Karim Banzema's high-end timepieces that have captured the attention of watch enthusiasts in this article. Enjoy your reading!

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Rolex Root Beer

The Rolex Root Beer is the first watch in Karim Benzema's collection list. With a 40mm diameter and the ideal combination of traditional elegance and contemporary proportions, this famous look fits wrists of any size.

The casing is made from 18-karat gold and stainless steel, offering a tasteful balance of toughness and elegance. The brown ceramic bezel of the watch has a graduated 24-hour scale and provides a touch of utility and class.

The Rolex Root Beer is appropriate for aquatic sports because its water resistance is up to 100 meters (330 ft). One of its main features is Rolex Root Beer's iconic Rolex automatic movement, which provides unmatched accuracy and dependability. Visibility and readability are improved by the Cyclops lens positioned above the date aperture.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in rose gold is another collection held by French football player. This watch's 41mm diameter finds the ideal mix between style and wrist presence.

The classic octagonal bezel, made of 18-karat rose gold, gives the watch's design a touch of class. The bracelet and case, both fashioned of 18-karat rose gold, exhibit the ideal balance of toughness and luxury.

This expensive watch also has a perpetual calendar showing the day, date, month, leap year, moon phase, and a silver dial with a "Grande Tapisserie" design. Additionally, the watch has a battery reserve of roughly 40 hours, giving the user dependable performance and comfort.

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Richard Mille 055 Yas Marina

Karim Benzema's next offering is the Richard Mille 055 Yas Marina watch series. The Yas Marina Circuit, a well-known motorsports venue in Abu Dhabi, inspired this unique timepiece. Since there are only 50 of these watches in the whole globe, they are potentially unique.

The casing is scratch-resistant due to its more than 600 layers of carbon fiber construction. While the Yas Blue hue, also used on the track at Yas Marina, stands out on the inner flange and crown rubber.

The Richard Mille 055 Yas Marina is a masterwork that embodies the brand's dedication to innovation and accuracy with its vivid colors and detailed quality. The Richard Mille 055 Yas Marina is available for more than 750,000 USD.

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Richard Mille 055 Bubba Watson

The Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson is the following timepiece in Karim Benzema's watch collection. The watch is renowned for its unique proportions, cutting-edge materials, and exceptional performance. This watch makes a lovely and dramatic impact on the wrist thanks to its 49.9 mm diameter. Benzema has the pricey RM 055 Yas Marina Circuit and the Bubba Watson Edition.

The bulge-shaped casing is robust and lightweight titanium, providing comfort and robustness. White ceramic was used to make both the case back and the bezel.

The watch also uses cutting-edge materials like ALUSIC (Aluminum Silicon Carbide) and carbon nanofiber, which boost its durability and decrease its weight. Additionally, the dial's skeletonization provides a captivating visual experience, which reveals the complex operation of the movement.

Rolex Daytona with a Meteorite Dial 116518LN

The Rolex Daytona with Meteorite Dial 116518LN is an excellent watch that blends high-end components with superb craft. The brilliant meteorite dial on this item from the Karim Benzema line lends the design an attractive and unique aesthetic touch.

The watch's bezel is built of the company's ceramic material, black Cerachrom, and has an 18-karat yellow gold case. This bezel adds a clean and contemporary touch to the watch's appearance while being scratch-resistant.

The Rolex Daytona with Meteorite Dial has the renowned Rolex Caliber 4130, a self-winding mechanical chronograph mechanism, and a striking design. The movement offers a power reserve of around 72 hours, ensuring precise timekeeping.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 'Rainbow' Double Balance Wheel Openworked 15412BC

In 2022, Karim Benzema appeared sporting an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 'Rainbow Double Balance Wheel Openworked 154112BC watch in 18k frosted white gold while attending the Ballon d'Or ceremonies at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

This unusual watch features a bezel embellished with 32 baguette-cut gemstones of 12 distinct varieties, including varied-colored sapphire, emerald, and ruby.

The lovely micro-curves produced by ancient chiseling methods, which are akin to winter frost, served as the inspiration for the frosted gold case and bracelet. This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 'Rainbow' watch is up for sale for USD 700,000.

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Soccer star Karim Benzema's career is distinguished not only by his exceptional skills and accomplishments on the field but also by his exquisite taste in high-end timepieces. His watch collection, which consists of prestigious brands and famous clocks, reflects his position as a top athlete and style icon.

The watches in Benzema's collection represent more than just his taste in fashion and his dedication to greatness; they are also more than just accessories.

His preference for renowned brands like Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, and Rolex demonstrates his admiration for fine craft. His wrist is adorned with a watch that shows time and records his development into a soccer icon.

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