Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder with high security
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder to wind your automatic watches
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder to store your valuable possession
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder with Integrated Setting Panel
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder to store watches and money
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder with Leather Exterior
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder High Quality Materials
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder Exclusive and Luxurious
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder with Numeric Locking System
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder by Enigwatch
Centennial Bulletproof Watch Winder Specifications
3 Layers of Security
360° Anti Magnetization
Bulletproof Glass
UL® Listed Classified


Sale price $3,099

A remarkable blend of sophistication and state-of-the-art technology. This bulletproof watch winder safe box provides an elegant sanctuary for your invaluable timepieces and other precious valuables. Its design brims with cutting-edge features, providing an unmatched level of safety and convenience, all encased in an impeccable aesthetic appeal. 

  • Highly Customizable - The safe features 12 individually programmable rotors, each with 4 settings: 1,000 TPD CW, CCW, Alt CW/CCW, and 2,000 TPD Alt CW/CCW, controlled through a touchscreen or analog buttons.
  • Ultimate Security - Experience ultimate protection with the robust steel construction and Level 1 bulletproof & 2-hour fire-resistant glass, ensuring unparalleled security and peace of mind.
  • Versatile Access & Enhanced Safety - Multiple access options with a 4-6 digits passcode, up to 5 fingerprints for FingerPrint™ unlock, an access card, or a personalized key - while benefiting from a highly sensitive alarm system that safeguards against unauthorized access attempts.
  • Ultra Quiet Operation - Japanese Mabuchi® rotor provides ultra-quiet operation, featuring a 10dB rotation, thereby ensuring discreet functioning.
  • Versatile Storage - In addition to the 12 slots for watches, the safe box also includes 2 dedicated compartments for storing money, valuable cards, or jewelry.
  • Elegant Design - The exterior finish is a high-quality black faux leather, with a similar finish in the interior. The safe box also features a motion-operated LED downlight, adding to its charm.

The CENTENNIAL™ Bulletproof Watch Winder Safe Box is more than a safe box—it's a testament to the exquisite blend of technology and elegance. With meticulous craftsmanship and unrivaled design, it becomes an emotional centerpiece, cherishing and safeguarding your treasured timepieces while evoking a profound sense of pride and awe.


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Include 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
360° Product Test & Quality Inspection
Shipment Protected by InsureShield™

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The interior and exterior of the Centennial™ Bulletproof Safe Box is lined with premium, high-quality faux leather for a really luxurious feel.

  • Exterior Finish: High-quality black faux leather finish
  • Interior Finish: Black faux leather
  • LED Lights: Yes
  • Window Glass: Level 1 bulletproof & 2-hour fire-resistant glass (19mm)
  • Rotation Mode: Each customizable through Touchscreen Control Panel or Buttons
  • 3-Ways Safety Lock Operation: 4-6 digits code, access card, personalized key
  • Alarm System: Will be triggered when the safe box is being moved or slammed, wrong password
  • Accessories: Fingerprint Lock, Personalized key (2 pcs), (UK/EU/US) Power adapter, External battery pack, Steel bolt (2 pcs), Safety instruction and User manual

Product Details:
  • Style: Modern designs
  • Box Contents: 1 x watch winder included, 1 x (UK/EU/US) adapter
  • Care Instructions: Recommended to use a care cover leather maintenance kit to protect the leather finish
  • Product Warranty: 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty & Lifetime Customer Support