5 Best Automatic Watches Under $1000 for Men (2023 Edition)

5 Best Automatic Watches Under $1000 for Men (2023 Edition)

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Now, you don’t have to replace the battery in your watch continuously if you choose an option with an automatic movement. In fact, an automatic watch can save you the hassle of dealing with a timepiece that doesn’t work. So, you have to know about the best automatic watches under $1,000.

For your information, an automatic watch is powered by the movement of the wrist. So, it will keep ticking as long as you wear the watch. Then, if you don’t wear it long enough, the reserve power runs out. You just need to put it back on and fix the time. It means you no longer have to take your timepiece to a jeweler for an expensive battery.

Usually, an automatic watch costs more than a traditional quartz option. However, spending the extra money will be well worth it. If you have $1,000, you may have a top-quality automatic movement wristwatch from a popular brand.

A Collection of Best Automatic Watches Under $1,000

If you are in the market for a timepiece that is just as functional as it is stylish, you can consider an automatic watch. You can buy the following best automatic wristwatches with a budget of $1,000:

1. Venice Automatic Watch

Source: filippoloreti.com

This luxury watch is not as expensive as it looks. The manufacturer has successfully eliminated the middlemen of traditional timepiece purchases. At just over 500 dollars, it draws inspiration from the popular Italian city of Venice. For your information, it comes in rose gold blue.

The blue dial comes with displays for time, date, day, and month. Then, it offers an automatic function with a 40-hour power reserve. In addition, it features a display showing the remaining life. 

Now, if you want to buy this automatic wristwatch, you just need to spend $609. Of course, this is an affordable price considering its luxury design and advanced features and technologies.

2. HydroConquest Automatic Watch

Source: longines.com

If you are looking for a classic diver, this watch is what you want. So that you know, it comes with a stainless-steel case and bracelet, a unidirectional bezel, and a black dial. Then, the face shows the date and sub-dials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 1/10th of a second.

In addition, it features an automatic movement. Even more, it is water-resistant up to 1,000 feet. Because of that, this timepiece is always ready for adventure. If you want to get this automatic watch, you can buy it now for $895. Anyway, it is reasonable to consider it one of the best automatic watches under $1,000.

3. Milano Automatic Watch

Source: d1milano.com

This watch uses such a name because the inspiration comes from the city of Milan. This watch really looks sporty and sophisticated. It is important to know that this watch comes with a black alligator patterned strap, dial, and case. Then, the manufacturer uses the red motorsports-inspired accents on the bezel, second hand, and sub-dials.

If you fully wind it, the automatic movement offers a 40-hour power reserve. When it comes to the price, it is far from being expensive. In fact, it only costs $609, making it one of the best watches on a budget. Anyway, it will not disappoint you.

4. Freelancer Automatic Men Watch

Source: raymond-weil.com

We recommend this Freelancer Automatic Men Watch as the next best option. As a matter of fact, the hour markers, hands, and case come in a handsome rose gold. Then, its black band and dial make the watch look much more impressive.

In addition, it incorporates a see-through rear case and a small window at the position of 12 o’clock into the design to showcase its automatic movement. So, you will enjoy seeing and wearing this watch. 

Even more, you can get this timepiece affordably; it currently only costs $995. Of course, it is very surprising to have a handsome men's watch at such an affordable price. Every man will dream of having it on his wrist.

5. Dylos Automatic Watch

Source: amazon.com

This is another excellent option for those who are in the market for an automatic watch for men. At a glance, you will see how cool it is. It comes with a raw stainless steel case. 

The handsome case is then paired with a gray masculine strap. The strap is very high quality, as it uses premium calfskin leather as the material.

This men’s watch also offers a light gray mesh patterned dial that is very elegant. The dial comes with the Medusa head at 12 o'clock, accented by handsome silver hour markers and hands. 

One more thing, you can find subdials for date and seconds at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Of course, this will impress anyone who sees it. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have this one. In fact, its current price is only $649.


That’s all the best automatic watches under $1,000. We review products you might find interesting. From the highlighted section above, we can see that each watch has its own special features to attract customers. 

Since all of them are available for under $1,000, you can save a lot of money on a handsome automatic wristwatch. Sadly, you have to keep the mechanism wound, even when you don’t wear it. Since it is an automatic watch, you must keep it running using a watch winder. There are some really cool watch winders for sale at enigwatch.com.

FAQs About Best Automatic Watches Under $1,000

1. What Is a Good Entry Level Automatic Watch?

Without further ado, there are many good entry-level automatic watches you can buy for under $1,000. You can consider a men’s wristwatch from popular brands such as Filipo Loreti, Longines, Raymond Weil, Versace, etc.

2. What Is the Toughest Automatic Watch?

If you want the toughest automatic watch for men, check out the Venice Automatic Watch, the HydroConquest Automatic Watch, the Milano Automatic Watch, the Freelancer Automatic Men Watch, the Dylos Automatic Watch, and many more.

3. Is Automatic Watch a Good Investment?

Investing in the best automatic watches under $1,000 is comparable to purchasing a piece of jewelry with real gems that has no expiration date. So, no matter what you buy, its value will only depreciate, unless it is an automatic watch, bitcoin, or gold. Automatic watches will always have a vintage appeal.


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