A Full Comparison of Rolex vs Breitling: Which One is Better? (2023 Updated)

A Full Comparison of Rolex vs Breitling: Which One is Better? (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to luxury watch brands, many people have questioned, which one is better Rolex vs Breitling. As basic information, the two of them are recognized as one of the most luxurious and well-known Swiss brands in the world. So, let’s start this full comparison of the Rolex vs Breitling battle from that. 

Rolex vs Breitling brand recognition

Source: Breitling.com

Rolex: Rolex is the most renowned Swiss watch brand, with about 100% brand awareness globally, and is the #3 most recognized Swiss brand in the world. Rolex, founded in 1908 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, began as a London-based watchmaker before moving to Switzerland in 1920, where it has settled ever since. Rolex has numerous patents and has achieved amazing improvements in watchmaking throughout the years.

Breitling: Meanwhile, Breitling is the world's 15th most recognizable Swiss watch brand. It is still regarded as a prominent luxury watch brand, although most people associate the Rolex name with luxury watches. Léon Breitling established Breitling in 1884. He assisted in the development of chronographs for industrial, military, and scientific uses. Léon Breitling died in 1914, and his son Gaston Breitling took over the business. In 1915, he introduced one of the earliest wrist chronographs with pushers above the watch crown. 

Rolex vs Breitling product price

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Rolex: Rolex prices begin at twice as low as the cheapest Breitling. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm men's watch, which starts at $6,000, is now the cheapest new Rolex, followed by the Rolex Datejust 31mm ladies' watch, which costs just around $200 more. They all have COSC certification and employ automated calibers, which are completely mechanical movements. They also have the Superlative Chronometer label. Rolex also produces a more cheap brand named Tudor, which offers entry-level costs that are comparable to those of Breitling's most basic watches.

Rolex has established itself as the watch brand of choice for horology connoisseurs all over the globe. Their extensive range, created exclusively with cutting-edge mechanical technology, gives a clear signal to their devoted wearers: sheer precision and quality are never compromised by this iconic Swiss label. The Oysterquartz launched in 1977 but ceased production two decades later; since then Rolex has proudly remained faithful to its renowned standard of craftsmanship - always keeping an eye on superior traditional timekeeping methods.

Breitling: Breitling prices start at less than half of what a Rolex costs. With more cheap watches like the men's 45mm Breitling Colt Skyracer, which costs around $2,000 and is powered with a COSC-certified Breitling SuperQuartzTM Caliber 74 movement. Their mechanically driven automatic timepieces, such as the Chronomat Colt Automatic 44mm, start from $3,240.

Rolex vs Breitling about their value

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There is a clear relationship between the value of a brand, brand recognition, and resale value. While certain watches have high resale value for other reasons, such as rarity or iconic significance, as a general rule, the better the brand, the more you'll get back when selling it. 

Rolex: In terms of the proportion of what you purchased for a Rolex or Breitling against what you can sell it for, resale of your Rolex watches normally yields more than reselling your Breitling watch. However, it is dependent on how much you can afford to pay for the timepiece, its condition, and if you have the papers and other accessories that came with the initial purchase. If you overspend on a Rolex watch, you will be less likely to repay your investment if you resell it years later. Furthermore, certain Rolex models are less popular than others. Consider a Daytona, Submariner, or GMT-Master if you want a Rolex that will last.

Breitling: Breitling clocks will generally keep their worth over time, but will eventually lose value. However, it takes time for a Breitling to lose value, and a relatively new Breitling might be valued greater than its initial purchase price. The advantage of buying a Breitling watch is that they have a reputation for being extremely professional watches, such as the Breitling Navitimer 01, which is created for aeronauts such as pilots, astronauts, military people, search and rescue missions, and more. Breitling makes a watch called the Breitling Emergency that has a distress beacon and locator, which is useful in case of an emergency.

Rolex vs Breitling design consistency

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Rolex: Rolex is known for making relatively minor, cautious changes to its watch designs. Furthermore, Rolex's design language hasn't evolved much throughout the years. These detailed, yet dramatic changes may not be for everyone, but they have been an indisputable hit with dedicated fans and aficionados, who hail the brand as an industry game-changer. In sum, Rolex seldom needed to innovate since its twentieth-century designs created such a timeless aesthetic standard.

The constant appearance of Rolex watches has probably contributed to the rising interest in retro-styled timepieces, as mechanical wristwatches have been clearly out of date for almost fifty years. A peek at any other watch firm, however, indicates that Rolex stands out among large-scale watchmakers for its strict adherence to its design history.

Breitling: Breitling has also given its competitors serious competition in terms of design consistency since they frequently have to go back to the drawing board in order to provide adequate alternatives to their models. Although Breitling has made several significant design improvements throughout the years, some key design languages have remained consistent. For example, the triangle on the edge of the minute and second hands has been consistent for a long period. Furthermore, Breitling has maintained their watches' exquisite appearance over time.

While other watchmakers focused on exquisite design updates, Breitling chose to stick with their characteristic designs. Breitling's designers sought to keep their designs on top of everyone else's. This mindset has helped to distinguish the brand and is one of the aspects that followers find charming and unique to the company.

Rolex vs Breitling: Conclusion

In choosing the best watch brand that you would buy, it’s best to decide what things you are looking for in a watch. By that, you could choose which one is the best. 

Those are our comparison reviews about Rolex vs Breitling that might add insights for you about this topic. We hope you like our piece. You can also check our comparison of Omega vs Rolex here. See you on another great article!


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