5 Best Automatic Watches Under $300, That Are Worth It (2023 Review)

5 Best Automatic Watches Under $300, That Are Worth It (2023 Review)

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For men, a watch is a symbol of financial prosperity. Often, corporate men wear high-end watches to flaunt their class. Depending on the brand and features, a watch can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a million dollars. Now, you can affordably get a stylish watch that suits your taste. Here, we will share the best automatic watches under $300 you can consider.

Best Automatic Watches Under $300 You Should Buy

In this article, we will provide you with a list of high-quality automatic watches you can buy for under $300. All of the automatic watches come with advanced technology and good features. Even more, the designs are also handsome. So, you can choose one of the following recommendations based on your preference.

1. Mako II Automatic Men’s Watch with Japanese Analog Display


Source: amazon.com

This timepiece from a reputable watch brand is suitable for men. It can be a good bet as it features Japanese movement and a water-resistant case. As a result, it becomes an excellent choice for a water sports adventurer.Besides that, it features an improved unidirectional bezel and mineral crystals that come with a stainless-steel bracelet.

For further features, this watch offers a mineral crystal and a unidirectional bezel with a 120-degree tilt. In addition, it uses state-of-the art Japanese-automatic movement. Moreover, it comes with a 5 mm case diameter without a crown. One more thing, since it has a water-resistant casing, this timepiece is excellent for water sports and marine activities. You can get it for $147.68 if you want to buy it.

2. Tradition White Dial Two Tone

Source: amazon.com

This fantastic wristwatch is the brand's best-selling men's watch. This timepiece comes with a two-toned bracelet paired with a silver casing showcasing gold hands with index markers. Then, it has a stainless-steel fixed bezel as well as a water-resistant case that makes the watch a durable companion for your adventures.

There are a few fantastic features it offers. To begin with, it has a Swiss Quartz Movement, which is excellent for accurate readings. Besides that, this watch is water-resistant, too. Then, it comes with a 42mm diameter case. One more thing: it comes with an antireflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. For the price, this handsome automatic watch costs $215.66.

3. Pro Diver Men’s Quartz Watch

Source: amazon.com

This is a breathtaking gold-plated timepiece that comes with a stainless-steel case. Besides that, this automatic watch gives us a luxurious feel with its golden hands and numeral display. What makes it surprising is that you don’t need to break the bank to have this beauty. As one of the best automatic watches under $300, it costs only a bit more than $100.

Then, it has a rotating bezel that comes with a driver’s scale to enhance its operational capacity. In addition, this wristwatch displays a luminous green dial that comes with gold details and figures.

When it comes to features, this masterpiece is fantastic with its beautiful green dial that is enclosed in a round casing. Moreover, its gold-plated stainless-steel material also makes it more impressive. It has an analog display and Quartz movement, for your information.Another fantastic feature is its fold-over clip for grip.

4. Marlin Automatic 40m Leather Strap Watch

Source: timex.com

This men’s automatic watch is an excellent fusion of a classic leather strap and modern case. You can see that it has a sleek, sophisticated, and classy design, making it eye candy for any watch collector.

The leather strap keeps it lightweight and provides a secure grip. In addition, it has golden hands in an analog display that feature automatic movement to create precise results. Considering its timeless and fantastic design, under $300 is very affordable for this automatic timepiece.

Now, let’s look at its impressive features. In addition to its sleek, sophisticated, and classic design, this classic masterpiece watch offers a stainless-steel casing. Besides that, it has an adjustable leather strap that comes with a metallic buckle. Then, it features a 3-hand analog display that comes with an automatic movement.

Additionally, its dial comes with gold details, including a minute track, a date window, and gold-tone hands and markers. Moreover, the capacity of water resistance is up to 100 feet. One more thing: the height and width of the case are 40 mm.

5. Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Source: amazon.com

For watch lovers, this is a pleasant surprise. It comes with the luxury of enjoying the traditional and smart features of an automatic watch. This smartwatch includes high-tech smart technology features. Of course, it offers many exciting features. First, it offers a 24/7 track record of daily activities such as swimming, running, walking, and steps per day. It also gives a brief history of calorie burning.

Besides that, it features sleep cycle analysis and a silent alarm with Smart Wake-Up mode that is useful to wake you up at an optimal point. Then, it comes with premium-quality materials, including chrome hands, a silicone sport strap, and stainless steel.

In addition, it features automatic synchronization that is useful to analyze the newest trends and data on your smartphone with the brand’s Health Mate app. Available for $199.95, this automatic watch offers a battery life of up to 8 months.


Through final result, it's easy to find the best automatic watches under $300, like the ones on the list above. Even though you can find many other options, this list can help you make a choice. I hope you can find an automatic watch that matches your style. After getting your favorite automatic watch, don't forget to use a watch winder to take care of it. Enigwatch.com sells watch winders of the best quality.

FAQs About Best Automatic Watches Under $300

1. How Accurate an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch can gain or lose a couple seconds a day. We know that this is an unfortunate truth. That’s why an automatic watch is not as accurate as its quartz counterpart.

2. Why Should You Have an Automatic Watch?

You will experience a few benefits with the best automatic watches under $300. First, you shouldn’t worry about batteries again. Besides that, it can last the test of time. Even more, it becomes a good investment for a wristwatch.

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