Top 5 Watch Winders to Keep Your Patek Philippe Watch Wound Perfectly in 2023

Top 5 Watch Winders to Keep Your Patek Philippe Watch Wound Perfectly in 2023

If you own a Patek Philippe watch, you understand that it is an investment. Not only are they one of the most popular and well-renowned watch brands in the world, but their timepieces retain their value extremely well.

In order to keep your Patek Philippe watch running like new, it is important to invest in the best watch winders for Patek Philippe.

A watch winder is a device that keeps your automatic watch running even when you're not wearing it. This is important because if a watch isn't worn for extended periods of time, it can lose its accuracy. 

In this blog post, we'll be taking a look at five of the best watch winders for Patek Philippe watches. We'll also touch on some factors you should keep in mind when shopping for a watch winder.

But first, let's talk about how watch winders work.

How Watch Winders Work 

Watch winders work by constantly moving the watch in a circular motion replicating the natural movement of your wrist while you wear it. This rotational movement keeps the gears lubricated and prevents them from seizing up.

Additionally, this constant movement ensures that the mainspring stays tightly coiled preventing it from becoming unwound and losing power.

Watch winders typically have different settings so that you can control the number of rotations per day as well as the direction of rotation.

Some high-end models even have settings that create random patterns to mimic daily wear even more accurately. 

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Watch Winder 

When shopping for a watch winder, there are several factors you'll want to keep in minds such as build quality, noise level, warranty, and price. It's also important to make sure that the watch winder you're considering can accommodate your specific watch.

For example, some watches require special adapters or have unique specifications that need to be taken into account when choosing a watch winder.

With all of that being said, let's take a look at five of the best watch winders for Patek Philippe watches currently on the market. 

Here Are the Best Watch Winders for Patek Philippe

Impresario™ Watch Winder

Impresario 2PC Watch Winder

Impresario™ 2PC Watch Winder

If you are looking for a winder that not only does a great job in winding your timepieces but also guards them well, look no further than Impresario™ Watch Winder. This winder is able to wound two automatic watches at once.

Utilizing the ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor ensures that it will never disturb you while resting since it produces zero noise. Giving you peace of mind, it is equipped with a fingerprint lock system, which allows only you to open and close it.

With those advantages, it surely deserves to be placed on the first rank in our best watch winders for Patek Philippe recommendation list.

Impresario™ 6PC Fingerprint

Impresario 6PC Watch Winder

Impresario™ 6PC Fingerprint

If you're a watch collector who can't resist the allure of an automatic watch, the Impresario 6PC Fingerprint watch winder is the perfect wingman to keep your timepieces ticking.

With its silent Japanese Mabuchi motor technology, you won't be woken up by the sounds of your watches winding in the wee hours of the morning - unless of course, you want to show off your horological prowess to your sleeping partner.

But it's not just function that the Impresario winder has to offer - its sleek and modern design means it's a stylish addition to any decor, so you can show off your watches in style.

The touchscreen feature also makes it easy to customize the rotor of each watch, so you can cater to the specific needs of each of your beloved timepieces - it's like a personal trainer for your watches!

And if you're worried about your collection falling into the wrong hands, the Impresario winder has got you covered with its fingerprint-locking technology.

No one can access your prized possessions without your approval, so you can rest easy knowing that your watches are safe and sound.

Viceroy™ 16PC Watch Winder

Viceroy 16PC Watch Winder

Viceroy™ 16PC Watch Winder

The Viceroy™ 16PC Watch Winder from Enigwatch is a true work of art that effortlessly marries form and function. The sleek and finely crafted exterior of the box elevates the entire storage experience, with a clear glass front and bright lighting system that beautifully showcase the timepieces inside.

Powered by cutting-edge Japanese Mabuchi rotor technology, this watch winder generates zero audible noise, creating a peaceful and serene environment.

The integrated touchscreen setting panel offers complete control over the lighting, number of turns per day, and direction, ensuring that each watch's unique needs are met.

Enigwatch has truly outdone themselves with the Viceroy™ 16PC Watch Winder, which is a masterpiece that expertly combines style and functionality.

The premium quality, exquisite design, and silent technology make it the ultimate choice for watch enthusiasts who value sophistication and quality above all else.

Virtuoso™ 6PC Watch Winder

Virtuoso 6PC Watch Winder


Virtuoso™ 6PC Watch Winder 

The Virtuoso™ 6PC Watch Winder is known for its unique design and durable craftsmanship. It is a product that stands out among others in the market. The watch winder uses the latest technology, ensuring its reliability and providing users with a seamless experience.

The watch winder comes with six individually programmable rotors that provide a smooth winding motion for each of the six watches. Additionally, the rotors have adjustable clasps to secure and snugly fit the watches.

The watch winder uses Japanese Mabuchi rotor technology, which operates silently, creating a peaceful environment for the user.

The watch winder features an integrated touchscreen setting panel that allows users to easily customize the brightness and the number of rotations required by the watch, making it convenient to use.

The watch winder also has a personalized key lock system that ensures the safety and security of valuable timepieces.

Centennial™ Bulletproof Safe Box 

Centennial Bulletproof Safe Box

Centennial™ Bulletproof Safe Box

This investment piece offers 12 spacious slots for your valuable timepieces, ensuring they're stored securely and in style.

But what really sets the Centennial™ Safe Box apart is its top-notch security features. With a digital mechanism and bulletproof glass door, your collection will be protected like Fort Knox. Don't believe us? Go ahead and try to crack this baby - we dare you.

Not only is the Centennial™ Safe Box secure, it also offers you the freedom to choose how you want to control it. Want to feel like a tech-savvy spy? Use the

Touchscreen controls to program the winder with ease. Prefer to keep it classic? The Analog controls let you set the winder through good old-fashioned buttons. The choice is yours!

And let's not forget about the soundless Japanese Mabuchi Rotor - a.k.a. the ultimate sleep aid. With this baby, you won't hear a peep as it operates, allowing you to catch some much-needed Z's without any disturbance.

So go ahead, add some class and peace of mind to your watch storage game with the Centennial™ Safe Box. With its 12 winding rotors and extra rooms for your money, cards, and jewelry, you'll be feeling like a boss in no time.

FAQ About the Best Watch Winders for Patek Philippe

1. How do you wind a Patek Philippe watch?

Turn the crown clockwise (do not take it out of the case as these are not screw-down crowns) roughly 40 times. If the watch is automatic, you may now wear it and let the inertia continue to wind it. You may also use a watch winder to keep your watch wound when not wearing it.

2. Can a watch winder damage a watch?

A decent-grade watch winder should not cause damage to a sophisticated watch due to the settings. If a watch is not used on a daily basis, it is recommended that it be wound on a regular basis to prevent the oils from accumulating. Additional use, particularly use on a watch winder, might result in more wear and tear.


Picking out the right watch winder can be daunting, especially if you're new to the world of watch collecting. But if you're a proud owner of a Patek Philippe watch (or multiple Patek Phillipe watches), it's important to choose a winder that will do your timepiece justice.

The five winders listed above are all excellent choices for any Patek Philippe collection.

You might also like to read our article about the best watch winders for Rolex here. We also have posted numerous interesting articles regarding the high-quality of watch winders and the best automatic watches that you can take as a reference before making a purchase. Have a good day!


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