15 Essential Picks for The Best One Watch Collection 2024

15 Essential Picks for The Best One Watch Collection 2024

Step into a world where elegance meets affordability with our Best One Watch Collection. Each timepiece is carefully selected to offer the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, tailored for those who appreciate the finer things in life but are mindful of budget.

Have you ever considered what your watch says about you? Watches are more than mere instruments for keeping time; they are potent symbols of individual style and taste. Explore the exclusive realm of the "Best One Watch Collection" and uncover timeless pieces that offer both quality and affordability. 

The "Best One Watch Collection" presents a meticulously curated selection of watches designed to meet a variety of budgets. From opulent luxury watches that radiate sophistication to economically priced options that still maintain high standards, this collection ensures excellence across all price points. As the esteemed watch connoisseur James Horowitz once remarked, "A watch does more than tell time; it tells a story."

Are you prepared to find the perfect watch that tells your unique story? Join us on a captivating journey through horology as we reveal the exceptional watches within this collection. Your next treasured timepiece could be just a scroll away!

Laying the Groundwork

Before we delve into our curated selections, it's crucial to establish the essential criteria for what I consider the ultimate "one watch collection." The concept revolves around possessing a single timepiece that is not only exceptional in its primary function but also transcends various aspects of everyday life and rare occasions alike.

Timekeeping: First and foremost, the ideal watch should offer legibility and functionality across all environments. Whether it's a glitzy evening event or a casual day at the office, the display should be clear and the operation, intuitive.

Reliability: The heart of your watch, its movement, must come from a manufacturer renowned for precision and durability. Given that this watch is to be your steadfast companion, reliability isn’t just a feature—it’s a necessity. There’s simply no room for error when it comes to the performance of the only watch in your collection.

Versatility: A true gentleman’s watch adapts to its surroundings. From boardrooms to rugged terrains, the ideal watch should not only keep pace but look the part. This means a design that is both elegant and robust, capable of complementing a suit or sportswear with equal aplomb.

Durability and Water Resistance: Constructed from superior materials such as high-grade stainless steel, the perfect watch ensures longevity and resilience. Additionally, a water resistance of at least 100 meters is imperative to withstand not just the occasional splash, but also any unplanned submersions, making your singular watch truly indispensable.

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Our Recommendations by Price Range

Entry Level (Under $250)

Often the gateway drug into the world of mechanical watches the entry level category is a perfect place to start one’s journey.

Entry level watches aim to pack as much value as possible into their product while remaining at a price point that is palatable to any customer.

The price point we are covering here is under $250 and features three Japanese manufacturers who have mastered the art of providing mass produced reliable watches.   

  • Citizen Eco-Drive AW1620: A product of Tokyo-based Citizen, known for its light-powered Eco-Drive movements. Priced between $100-$150.
  • Seiko 5 Sports SNZG13: From the renowned Seiko, this watch boasts features like automatic winding, day and date display, and more. Available for $145-$175.
  • Orient Defender (Generation 1): A versatile watch from Orient, a brand with a rich history similar to Seiko. Priced between $200-$250.

      Entry Level Luxury ($250 – $1,000)

      Entry level luxury is an interesting category, as it can represent both the beginning of one’s passion for watches through a first timepiece or the end of a collecting journey. 

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      The entry level luxury category represents an approachable price point between $250-$1,000 and can be a perfect spot for anyone, whether they looking to dip their toe in water or jump right in. Our picks for this section are from one Japanese manufacturer and two storied Swiss manufacturers. 

      • Seiko SARB035: A beautiful piece often referred to as the "baby Grand Seiko". Available for $375-$450.
      • Hamilton Khaki Automatic: A watch with aviation-inspired design and an in-house movement. Priced between $325-$575.
      • Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium: A versatile watch from Tissot, a brand known for its value for money. Available for $700-$800.

        Affordable Luxury ($1,000 – $2,500)

        Affordable luxury represents one of the fastest growing segments on this list through the emergence of micro brands  being able to offer plenty of value at this reasonable price point. 

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        The $1,000-$2,500 is the sweet spot where the value per dollar is at its highest. Our picks represent two picks from Germany and one Swiss/American watch.

        • Sinn 556i: A rugged watch from German brand Sinn, known for its TEGIMENT Technology. Priced at around $1,380.
        • Nomos Glashütte Club Campus: A simple yet elegant watch from German brand Nomos. Available for $1,650-$1,950.
        • Monta Atlas: A Swiss-made watch from the micro brand Monta, known for its craftsmanship. Priced at $1,950.

          Mid-Range Luxury ($2,500 – $10,000)

          Mid-range luxury category represents the largest category with the fiercest of competition in the world of watches. Here is where we get to see the brands we all know and love shine at that $2,500-$10,000 price point.

          Realistically this is the last price point where that “one watch collection” exists because chances are if a person is willing to spend over $10,000 on watch they are likely going to have more than one. Our three picks in the mid-range luxury category consist of three of the most storied brands in all of watches. 

          • Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra: A watch from the iconic Omega, known for its precision and design. Priced between $5,400-$5,700.
          • Santos De Cartier: A unique watch from Cartier, a brand known for its distinct designs. Available for $6,250-$7,650.
          • Zenith Defy Classic: A lightweight yet rugged watch from Zenith, a brand with over 150 years of expertise. Priced at $7,200.

            High-End Luxury ($10,000 and Up)

            High end luxury is by far the trickiest category, let’s face it if someone is going to spend $10,000+ on watch the likelihood of having just one watch is rather low.

            On another note while the high retail prices of these watches is definitely barrier of entry for most, actually having the money to spend will not be enough to secure one!

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            A person must build up a lucrative relationship with a local authorized dealer (which involves the purchase of multiple watches over a long period of time) OR one must bite the bullet and pay close to double the price on the secondary market.

            All of this said IF it was possible to get any of these watches at retail they would serve incredibly well in a one watch collection!

            • Rolex Daytona: A chronograph from the legendary Rolex, known for its association with the Daytona 500 and Paul Newman. Priced at $13,150.
            • Vacheron Constantin Overseas Self-Winding: A watch from one of the "holy trinity" of watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin. Available for $19,600.
            • Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5164A: Another member of the "holy trinity", Patek Philippe's Aquanaut is the epitome of luxury. Priced at $35,380 and above.

              Caring for Your One Watch Collection

              When it comes to curating the Best One Watch Collection, maintenance and servicing play pivotal roles in ensuring your timepiece stands the test of time. Regular check-ups, just like you'd have for a luxury car, can keep your watch ticking accurately and extend its lifespan. 

              But it's not just about the internal mechanics; protecting your watch from external damages is equally crucial. Whether it's a scratch from an accidental brush against a wall or damage from water exposure, a little precaution goes a long way. And for those who own automatic watches, using a watch winder can be a game-changer, ensuring your watch remains wound and accurate even when not worn daily.

              In essence, the longevity and pristine condition of your best one watch collection hinge on these care practices, making them indispensable for every watch enthusiast.

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              In the vast realm of horology, where timepieces are not just instruments but storytellers, the "Best One Watch Collection" emerges as a beacon for enthusiasts and novices alike.

              This collection isn't just about flaunting luxury or brand names; it's a curated journey through time, capturing the essence of elegance, functionality, and value. From the bustling streets of Tokyo with Citizen's Eco-Drive to the meticulous craftsmanship of Patek Philippe's Aquanaut, each watch tells a unique story, waiting to intertwine with yours.

              Whether you're a seasoned collector or someone taking their first step into the world of watches, this collection ensures that every budget finds its match, every wrist its companion.

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