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Dark History of Best Pilot Watches! Please be Careful

Explore 5 reccomendation of pilot watches and their unparalleled precision. Plus, discover the ultimate accessory to keep them ticking - the Impresario 6PC Watch Winder.

Pilot Watches designed with precision and functionality in mind, have been the trusted companions of aviators for decades. When you're soaring through the skies, you need a watch that's as reliable as your aircraft. Let's follow us to the recommendation best pilot watches and discover what makes them tick.

History of Pilot Watches

Cartier Santos-Dumont First Pilot Watches

The pilot's watch has its roots in the demands of combat. Initially, when balloons and dirigibles took to the skies, pocket watches were the norm. However, with the advent of heavier aircraft, pocket watches became impractical. Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, facing difficulties using his pocket watch while flying, approached his friend Louis Cartier. In response, Cartier created a wristwatch for him in 1904. This innovation quickly gained popularity among other pilots.

During WWI, the pilot's watch became an essential tool in the cockpit. With the increasing capabilities of aircraft, pilots relied on their watches for various calculations, from fuel management to navigation. Notably, Louis Bleriot wore a Zenith wristwatch when he became the first to fly across the English Channel in 1909. The design of pilot's watches evolved during this period, with features like the iconic black dial and large contrasting Arabic numerals becoming standard.

The essential features of a pilot's watch include instant readability, orientation markers, visibility in the dark, easy manipulation with gloved hands, premium accuracy, and ruggedness

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Here is 5 Best Pilot Watches You Should Have! 

After you know the history of pilot watches, I suggest you to collect them into your watch winder. Here is our recommendation for 5 Best Pilot Watches you should collect!

Hamilton Khaki Aviation 38mm: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Precision

Hamilton Khaki Aviation 38mm

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation 38mm is a nod to the past with its vintage-inspired design. Drawing inspiration from the Model 23, a groundbreaking pocket watch used by U.S. soldiers during WWII, this watch seamlessly blends history with modernity. Its sandblasted dial, adorned with "Fauxtina" indices and a Cathedral handset, evokes memories of yesteryears. But don't be fooled by its retro look; this watch is equipped with state-of-the-art features suitable for today's aviators. And with a price tag of $995 USD, it's a steal for those seeking both style and functionality.

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Breitling AVI B04 Chronograph GMT 46 P-51 Mustang: A Timepiece Fit for Hollywood

Breitling AVI B04 Chronograph GMT 46 P-51 Mustang

Breitling's P-51 Mustang Pilot with a GMT function, pilots can track two time zones simultaneously, ensuring they're always on time, whether they're in their home country or halfway across the world. The vintage "Fauxtina" complements the watch's aesthetic, reminiscent of a 1930s cockpit clock. Powered by Breitling’s In-House COSC certified B04 movement, it boasts a 70-hour power reserve. And if it's good enough for Brad Pitt in the Bullet Train film, it's good enough for us. Available for $10,100 USD, it's an investment in timeless elegance.

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Multimeter: A Fusion of Functionality and Style

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Multimeter

Bell & Ross's BR 03-94 Multimeter is a testament to innovative design. This watch isn't your traditional pilot watch. Its vibrant dial showcases three distinct functions: a Tachymeter, a Pulsometer, and an Asthometer, making it a versatile tool for aviators. The 42mm Black Ceramic case, with its signature square shape, ensures it stands out on any wrist. Limited to 5000 pieces and priced at $5,800 USD, it's a unique blend of utility and aesthetics.

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Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage: Vintage Vibes on a Budget

Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage

The Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage is a trip down memory lane, drawing inspiration from the brand's 70s pilot watches. Its Tonneau style case might measure only 42mm, but it wears larger, giving it a distinctive presence. The GMT movement, paired with a stainless steel mesh bracelet, offers functionality without compromising on style. And with a price tag of $1,695 USD, it's a vintage treat for the modern aviator.

Breitling Emergency: The Lifesaver on Your Wrist

Breitling Emergency

The Breitling Emergency is not just a watch, it's a lifesaver. Beyond its rich aviation heritage, what sets the Breitling Emergency apart is its dual-frequency distress beacon. In dire situations, this watch can send out a distress signal, ensuring timely rescue. With over 20 successful rescues attributed to its beacon, it's a watch that might just save your life. Retailing for $15,725 USD, it's a priceless investment for those who tread the path less traveled.

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Elevate Your Watch Game with the Perfect Accessory

While a pilot watch is an essential tool for aviators, it's also a significant investment. To ensure its longevity and maintain its pristine condition, consider pairing it with a watch winder. Not only does it keep your watch ticking, but it also adds an element of luxury to your collection.

The Impresario 6PC Watch Winder: The Ultimate Companion for Your Pilot Watch

Every exquisite watch deserves an equally impressive watch winder. The Impresario 6PC Watch Winder is the epitome of luxury and functionality. Designed to keep your pilot watches in optimal condition, it ensures they remain accurate and ready for your next adventure. Its sleek design complements any decor, making it a stylish addition to your collection. So, why not invest in the best to protect your prized possessions?


Pilot watches are more than just timepieces; they're a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of exploration. Whether you're an aviator or a watch enthusiast, these watches are a must-have in your collection. And to ensure they stand the test of time, pair them with the Impresario 6PC Watch Winder. So, are you ready to elevate your watch game?

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