James Bond Omega Review: Unraveling the Iconic 007 Timepiece

James Bond Omega Review: Unraveling the Iconic 007 Timepiece

In our James Bond Omega review, we'll tell you the secrets of the famous 007 watch. Plunge into a world of style and spying.

You may recall that in November 2022, Omega launched the Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond 60th Anniversary edition, with the reference number, during a London grand event that Daniel Craig attended.

This Omega watch is a unique take on the Seamaster 300M, with several extra features that set it apart. In this piece, I'd like to provide my thoughts on the James Bond Omega Seamaster Diver 300M watch and a review of the timepiece itself.

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Omega released this limited-edition Seamaster 300M to mark the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film series. As a special touch, the watch's case back has an animated version of the 007 film's opening scene.

The watch's moiré effect on the case wowed me when I first saw it in Omega's Vice President of Product Gregory Kissling's presentation. But that's for another time; let's check out what features this wristwatch offers.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond 60th Anniversary

No Time To Die (NTTD) titanium is used to construct the stainless steel Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ( All aspects (case diameter, bracelet style, and caliber 8806) are identical. The aluminum bezel insert and dial are similar to those on the NTTD. However, the ceramic insert and dial of the standard Seamaster 300M model are not.

The blue James Bond 60th Anniversary 300M dial is patterned like waves, making it distinct from the titanium 300M. This design is reminiscent of the first 300M released in 1993 rather than only the current model. This wave pattern is far less evident than the current Seamaster Diver 300M lineup.

It's also a deeper blue than the usual 300M, precisely like the one from 1993. There are skeletonized hands on the dial, similar to those on earlier versions, but with a more compact seconds hand.

Omega claims this is a tribute to the Seamaster 300, a watch similar to the Bond made in 1959 for the British Ministry of Defense. In addition, this James Bond 60th Anniversary version is notable for having the number "60" displayed on the bezel in place of the traditional triangles. The age of the James Bond film series is the apparent reference here.

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The bracelet, made of mesh-like that of the NTTD version, is a nice touch. But this time, it's made of stainless steel. The foldover clasp's flap allows for simple sizing adjustments. The bracelet may be adjusted to one of seven different sizes. The width is 20mm in the middle and narrows to 18mm at the clasp.

Animated case back

There's a hidden surprise on the case's rear. Omega made a four-frame animation of the James Bond movie opening using the moiré effect. This animation's disc is linked to the middle second hand. The only difference between it and the Speedmaster's Silver Snoopy Award is that the Speedmaster requires you to manually start the chronograph.

The animation on the Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond 60th Anniversary watches plays nonstop. The watch is now around 1 mm thicker at 14.26 mm than the titanium NTTD edition. There is no way to secure the case's rear or install a NAIAD lock. Instead, seven screws are holding it to the casing.

Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond 60th Anniversary on the wrist

Try this watch out and see how it feels on your wrist. The professional 42-mm casing (49.7 mm from lug to lug) suits most European and American wrists. The watch is quite thick elsewhere, but the case design keeps that from being a significant drawback.

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It is currently unknown whether or not the steel variant also comes with a shorter bracelet option. For example, try on the watch in an Omega boutique if your wrist is less than 17 cm (6.7 inches).

However, the band is of high quality, is incredibly smooth to the touch, and helps the watch appear like a practical accessory. Although the nine-row bracelet seen on the normal Seamaster 300M isn't for everyone, neither is the mesh bracelet type.

Dark blue Seamaster Diver 300M

As a reviewer, I enjoyed this steel blue version when comparing it to the titanium model with its brown dial and bezel. It was a novel concept at the time, unrelated to Omega's history. A modern masterpiece, especially after 30 years. It was one of Omega's best-known vessels for quite some time. It reminds me of a BMW 3 Series diving watch.

The new 300M James Bond 60th Anniversary has a deeper blue, one of my favorite features. This may give it a more classic appearance than mine, 2531.80, whose blue has faded to a paler shade over the years.

The lack of a date display allows the dial's raised hour markers and white lollipop hands to take center stage, and I prefer this design element. The date disc matches the dial color on the black dial variant (ref. 2254.50). The date disc on modern standard 300M versions is dial-matched in color.

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Meanwhile, Super-LumiNova performs admirably even in dim light. The minute hand and the number "60" on the unidirectional bezel illuminate blue, while the rest of the watch glows green.

Fans of the James Bond Series

However, I know many people like seeing animated Snoopy, and I think Bond fans will appreciate this opening sequence as a nod to their favorite secret agent.

Looking back over the years, we can see that Bond has been wearing an Omega watch on his wrist since 1995. Bond's previous timepieces included a Breitling, a Seiko, and a Rolex Submariner with a NATO strap (in Dr. No). 007 wears the same Rolex Explorer that Fleming wore in his books.

On Pierce Brosnan's and now Daniel Craig's wrists, the Omega Seamaster has been Bond's constant friend for over 30 years. The Seamaster 300M NTTD features a mesh bracelet at Daniel Craig's suggestion. Unlike earlier Bond watches, which were just variations on existing models, the NTTD was designed for Bond (Craig).


In honor of the 60th anniversary of the James Bond films, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond Edition has unmatched power and style. With a design that looks like the famous secret spy, this watch takes you on an adventure you'll never forget.

As of February 1, 2023, the No Time to Die model will cost around €10,300, while the regular Seamaster Diver 300M with a stainless steel bracelet will cost €6,400. The first James Bond 60th Anniversary version of Omega Seamaster Diver 300M has been sent to Omega stores worldwide.

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But people who want to buy this expensive watch as a long-term investment should consider how to keep it safe. A watch winder is one of the best ways to keep a luxury watch like the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond Edition accurate and reliable. Watch winders are essential because they keep the movement's speed steady, extend the battery's life, and protect the watch's internal parts from damage.

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