12 Best Affordable Automatic Watches in 2023

12 Best Affordable Automatic Watches in 2023

Best affordable watches recommendation for you who are starting to collect new watches or give your watch geek's friends a watch that is affordable yet elegant.


Your interest in watches may come from history, films, or seeing them on NBA players. Most high-end watches use automatic mechanisms. You don't need to be an expert to get the basics of automatic watches, though the details can get complex. While understanding every detail isn't essential, it's cool tech.

Automatic watches are pricier than battery-powered ones, making some hesitant to buy them. But in this article, we'll show affordable automatic watch options. Let's dive in!

Here are the 12 Best Affordable Automatic Watches in 2023

Affordable doesn't mean that it has low quality. This list offers you with 12 best watches that are both affordable and great quality. 

1. Seiko Men's SNK795


When Seiko presented the world with their Seiko 5 series, they revolutionized the watch industry by bringing high-quality, cost-effective automated timepieces to the forefront. This SNK collection is one of the brand's genuine masterpieces; the dial is understated but very chic, and it also displays the day and the date.

Even though it is Seiko's automatic watch for beginners, it has all of the desirable qualities of a high-end timepiece and is thus an excellent buy.

Features: It features an automatic movement, the crown is located between 4-5 o'clock, and it has sufficient water resistance to prevent any harm from occurring. These are all characteristics of the Seiko 5 series (30m).

Price: $ 139.99 - $ 298.00 


2. Bulova 96C132



Bulova is known for producing high-quality timepieces that are sold at rates that are affordable, and a large number of its watches have automatic movement. This specific model is one of their simpler ones in terms of style, which makes it an excellent option for a dress watch.

Features: The uncluttered black dial with its thin, rectangular hour markings and hands exudes a sense of understated sophistication. The small day/date window, which is nonetheless simple to see despite its size, is another advantageous feature.

Price: $ 199.99 - 


3. Seiko Men’s SNK805


On this list, you'll find more than one Seiko watch represented. Seiko is well-known for producing a wide variety of high-quality but reasonably priced automatic timepieces. Because it is a member of the Seiko 5 series, which is known for its reasonable prices, it undoubtedly is. However, you would never guess that the item on this list with the lowest price is the one you are looking at.


  • Part of the renowned Seiko 5 series, known for affordable pricing.
  • Genuine pilot watch design.
  • Highly legible dial.
  • Durable case with 30 meters water resistance.
  • Compact size with a 37mm diameter, ideal for wrists up to 7.5 inches.
  • No hand-winding or hacking movement.
  • Strap might need replacement for sturdier options.
  • Outstanding value given its style and appeal.

Price: $70 - $150


4. Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

Because the Invicta Pro Diver is an inexpensive tribute to the Rolex Submariner, this design may seem familiar to you. The reason for this is because the Invicta Pro Diver has the same design. You won't get the same quality as the Submariner, that much is certain. For instance, the price of this watch is just one one hundredth of the cost of the genuine one after all. However, as someone who has tried both in the metal, I can promise you that you will get at least 80 percent of the fun out of it!


  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters with a screw-down crown.
  • 120-click bezel alignment (rare in budget-friendly divers).
  • Incorporates a Seiko movement with hacking and manual winding.
  • Some compromises, like a rattling bracelet and subpar lume.
  • Impressive build quality for its price point.
  • Highly rated by many online reviews.
  • Stylish look offers great value for money.

Price: $50 - $100


5. Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Watch (H70575733) 




  • Frequently recognized as a top value in timepieces.
  • Features the timeless military aesthetic.
  • Available in lightweight titanium options.
  • Black PVD-coated, measuring 42 millimeters in diameter.
  • Automatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve.
  • Classic dial design with lasting appeal.
  • Durable canvas strap.
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters.
  • Versatile for both casual and formal wear.

Price: $500 - $1,000


6. Citizen Automatic NJ0100-71L Watch



What's next in this best affordable automatic watches recommendation list? Why, those watches from Citizen, of course.


  • Part of a top recommendation for affordable automatic watches.
  • Produced by Citizen, a major Japanese watchmaker.
  • Older model, comparable to the Seiko 5 SNK.
  • Features a stylish design.
  • Offers great value for money.
  • May require some online searching to find.

Price: $179.99 - 

7. Timex Marlin Automatic California Dial



  • Part of the popular Marlin series from Timex.
  • Features a "California dial" with half Roman and half Arabic numerals.
  • Equipped with a Miyota 8215 automatic movement.
  • Transparent glass case back to view the movement.

Price: $250-

8. Vostok Amphibian Automatic Mens Watch



Moving on to something totally different, our next item is a diving watch from Russia. It doesn't matter what you call it—funky, quirky, or even profoundly weird—you can't call it dull. Because of the illustration that can be seen on the dial, this particular Vostok Amphibia 710059 is fondly referred to as the "Scuba Dude."


  • Distinctive turquoise dial, rare for diving watches.
  • Water resistance of up to 200 meters.
  • Features a screw-down crown with safety and shock-absorbing mechanism.
  • Priced under one hundred dollars with a rich military history.
  • Some imperfections such as finishing and a non-specific bezel turn direction.
  • Durable with a movement service interval of about 10 years.
  • Unique design and notable resilience for its price point.

Price: $50-$150


9. Victorinox Men’s Alliance 241714-1 Watch


The Victorinox 'Alliance' Swiss Automatic Watch is an elegant, contemporary, and cutting-edge timepiece due to its automatic movement that was manufactured in Switzerland. 


  • Dusty dark gray dial.
  • Steely silver bracelet.
  • Screw-in, see-through case back.
  • Displays military time.
  • Self-winding movement.
  • Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.
  • 40mm polished stainless steel case.
  • Date functionality.
  • Silent operation with no ticking sounds.

Price: $50-$150

10. Orient Men’s ‘Mako II’



  • Highly regarded budget dive watch.
  • 40-hour power reserve.
  • Mineral crystal face.
  • 120-click bezel.
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters.
  • Updated F6922 caliber.
  • Brushed steel case.
  • 41.5mm diameter dial.
  • Sleek and masculine design, reminiscent of the original Mako I.
  • Versatile styling suitable for various occasions.

Price: $150-$250

11. Seiko Divers Automatic Watch


It would be unethical of me to disregard Seiko's SKX line of watches in this piece for whatever reason. Although it is not quite a bargain for a mechanical watch, the price is reasonable and it is rather attractive. Additionally, it is one of their most well-liked watches as well. Especially if you want to get the appearance of a diver.


  • Design reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner.
  • Crown positioned securely between 4-5 o'clock, ideal for swimmers and divers.
  • Available in two colorways: black and the popular Pepsi SKX007.
  • Choice of rubber bands or stainless steel bands based on preference.

Price: $150-$250


12. Swatch Sistem51



  • World's first mechanical watch made entirely by automated assembly.
  • Movement parts crafted from plastic.
  • Automatic mechanism visible through a transparent case back.
  • Evokes nostalgia for plastic Swatch watches from the 1980s.
  • Variety of dial and strap combinations available.

Price: $100-$200

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There you have it, the 12 best affordable automatic watches in 2023 that you can consider to purchase. Collecting an automatic watch might be an interesting experience for a novice collector. Thus, you can start by owning the affordable ones so you can decide in which brand and type of automatic watch that you most liked. 

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