Buying Guide For Your First Watch Winder (2023 Updated)

Buying Guide For Your First Watch Winder (2023 Updated)

With the wide choices of watch winders on the market today, it's understandable that some novice watch collectors still face ambiguity in choosing the best one. In what sizes do they need to buy? In what style do they need to pick? And so on. But, hold up, we've got your back! This article will guide you thoroughly in deciding the greatest one for your first watch winder, so you will leave no regret after purchasing it. 

1. Set your requirements

As we all know, a watch winder exists to be your delegation in winding your automatic watch. You need a watch winder if you have more than one automatic timepiece, so you will be able to wear your favorite while the other one is winding in its winder. There are many types of watch winders in the market, like the one that has one capacity, two watches capacities, or even twelve watches pieces. 

2. Consider the direction of rotation and turns per day (TPD)

Every automatic watch has different specifications and requirements. That being said, you need to choose a watch winder that accommodates your watch's requirements, such as its direction of rotation and turns per day. For example, a Tudor automatic watch needs about 650 TPD bi-direction or 900 TPD clockwise. 

3. Size of the strap

A decent watch winder will have adjustable watch holders and come in a range of sizes to accommodate a wide range of watch straps, both for the convenience of the user and for accurate timekeeping throughout the rotation cycles.

4. Practicality

Its structure should allow for easy shelving or safekeeping in travel. Timepieces should be easily accessible without taking a lot of time or effort to use. Additionally, it must be quiet so as not to disrupt your peace and tranquility, particularly if it is located near a bedroom. This same reasoning suggests avoiding a watch winder that has a light diode that stays on all night since this might potentially disrupt sleep.

5. Durability

It is essential that the watches you leave to a watch winder be protected at all times. As such, its durability must be shown, particularly if you want to use it as a storage carrier for your automatic timepieces.

6. Appearance

Because you will likely use your watch winder for quite some time, it's important to choose one that looks well in its permanent home. Watch winder boxes' exteriors may be crafted from a number of materials, including leather, metal, and several types of wood. The finest winders are works of art unto themselves, having been painstakingly fashioned by hand from the rarest and most beautiful of materials.

7. Price

A good quality watch winder has all qualities that require the storage of your precious timepieces. Thus, the price is also equal to what it offers. Nonetheless, you should consider the budget before spending it. 
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