The Pros and Cons of Having Watch Winder (2023 Updated)

The Pros and Cons of Having Watch Winder (2023 Updated)

Rookie watch collectors may be perplexed as to why they require a watch winder. So that's why we're here, then! In this article, we will outline the benefits and drawbacks of using a watch winder for an automated watch.
Basically, watch winder is an object where you can store your automatic watches there and let them wound automatically so they will keep moving and keep up with the time. 

The pros of having a watch winder are:

Store your watches collection well

Collecting luxurious watches means you need to have a special place to place them so your items won’t be damaged unintentionally. By placing them in a watch winder, you could gain peace of mind because your watches will be kept safe while also maintaining winding following the actual time.

Save your watches from less-winding or over-winding

As you are aware, as an automatic watch monitors your movements while moving, it must be worn to maintain time accuracy. However, if you use a watch winder, you may just set your item down and let it do the work. Thanks to the watch winder, your watches won't be harmed by under- or even over-winding.

Very convenient

The perk of having a watch winder to place your automatic watches is it is very convenient. You can just store your watch there, change it to another one, and let the winder wound your watch. You also do not need to set up the time again since your watch has been following the actual time by the wound given by the watch winder. 

The cons of having a watch winder are:

A high-quality winder could be highly-costly

Unquestionably, the high price of a watch winder was caused by the cutting-edge technology it employed. Consequently, the premium winder will set you back a lot of money. However, with all of the benefits they provide, it shouldn't be a concern for watch aficionados.

Automatic watch winder can be noisy

The task of a watch winder is to wound the watches placed there. As a result, it sometimes produces noise that might annoy some people. Meet ENIGMA™ SERIES 2PC! With Mabuchi technology, it uses Japanese motor technology, producing soundless noise everyone dreams of.
So, those are the benefits and drawbacks of using a watch winder to store your automatic watches. It is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to purchase it. However, with all of the advantages it brings, it is not a bad idea to give it a try, is it?
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